Ghost main app file

Contains the app configuration and all of the routing

If no env is set, default to development

process.env.NODE_ENV = process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development';

Module dependencies

var express = require('express'), when = require('when'), _ = require('underscore'), colors = require("colors"), semver = require("semver"), errors = require('./core/server/errorHandling'), admin = require('./core/server/controllers/admin'), frontend = require('./core/server/controllers/frontend'), api = require('./core/server/api'), flash = require('connect-flash'), Ghost = require('./core/ghost'), I18n = require('./core/shared/lang/i18n'), filters = require('./core/server/filters'), helpers = require('./core/server/helpers'), packageInfo = require('./package.json'),


loading = when.defer(), ghost = new Ghost();

Custom Middleware

Auth Middleware

Authenticate a request by redirecting to login if not logged in. We strip /ghost/ out of the redirect parameter for neatness

function auth(req, res, next) { if (!req.session.user) { var path = req.path.replace(/^\/ghost\/?/gi, ''), redirect = ''; if (path !== '') { req.flash('warn', "Please login"); redirect = '?r=' + encodeURIComponent(path); } return res.redirect('/ghost/login/' + redirect); } next(); }

AuthApi Middleware

Authenticate a request to the API by responding with a 401 and json error details

function authAPI(req, res, next) { if (!req.session.user) {

TODO: standardize error format/codes/messages

var err = { code: 42, message: 'Please login' }; res.json(401, { error: err }); return; } next(); }

GhostAdmin Middleware

Uses the URL to detect whether this response should be an admin response This is used to ensure the right content is served, and is not for security purposes

function isGhostAdmin(req, res, next) { res.isAdmin = /(^\/ghost$|^\/ghost\/)/.test(req.url); next(); }

GhostLocals Middleware

Expose the standard locals that every external page should have available, separating between the frontend / theme and the admin

function ghostLocals(req, res, next) {

Make sure we have a locals value.

res.locals = res.locals || {}; res.locals.version = packageInfo.version; if (!res.isAdmin) {

filter the navigation items

ghost.doFilter('ghostNavItems', {path: req.path, navItems: []}, function (navData) {

pass the theme navigation items and settings

_.extend(res.locals, navData, { settings: ghost.settings() }); next(); }); } else { _.extend(res.locals, {

pass the admin flash messages, settings and paths

messages: ghost.notifications, settings: ghost.settings(), availableThemes: ghost.paths().availableThemes, availablePlugins: ghost.paths().availablePlugins }); next(); } }

DisableCachedResult Middleware

Disable any caching until it can be done properly

function disableCachedResult(req, res, next) { res.set({ "Cache-Control": "no-cache, must-revalidate", "Expires": "Sat, 26 Jul 1997 05:00:00 GMT" }); next(); }

Configuration () {; + '/content/images/favicon.ico'));;{}));{uploadDir: __dirname + '/content/images'}));'try-ghost'));{ cookie: { maxAge: 60000000 }}));;; if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== "development") {;{ dumpExceptions: false, showStack: false })); } });

Development only configuration"development", function () {{ dumpExceptions: true, showStack: true }));'dev')); });

Expose the promise we will resolve after our pre-loading

ghost.loaded = loading.promise; when.all([ghost.init(), filters.loadCoreFilters(ghost), helpers.loadCoreHelpers(ghost)]).then(function () {

post init config;


API routes

/* TODO: auth should be public auth not user auth */

Posts'/api/v0.1/posts', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.requestHandler(api.posts.browse));'/api/v0.1/posts', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.requestHandler(api.posts.add));'/api/v0.1/posts/:id', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.requestHandler(;'/api/v0.1/posts/:id', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.requestHandler(api.posts.edit));'/api/v0.1/posts/:id', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.requestHandler(api.posts.destroy));

Settings'/api/v0.1/settings', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.cachedSettingsRequestHandler(api.settings.browse));'/api/v0.1/settings/:key', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.cachedSettingsRequestHandler(;'/api/v0.1/settings', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.cachedSettingsRequestHandler(api.settings.edit));

Users'/api/v0.1/users', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.requestHandler(api.users.browse));'/api/v0.1/users/:id', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.requestHandler(;'/api/v0.1/users/:id', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.requestHandler(api.users.edit));

Notifications'/api/v0.1/notifications/:id', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.requestHandler(api.notifications.destroy));'/api/v0.1/notifications/', authAPI, disableCachedResult, api.requestHandler(api.notifications.add));

Admin routes

/* TODO: put these somewhere in admin */^\/logout\/?$/, admin.logout);'/ghost/login/', admin.login);'/ghost/signup/', admin.signup);'/ghost/login/', admin.auth);'/ghost/signup/', admin.doRegister);'/ghost/changepw/', auth, admin.changepw);'/ghost/editor/:id', auth, admin.editor);'/ghost/editor', auth, admin.editor);'/ghost/content', auth, admin.content);'/ghost/settings*', auth, admin.settings);'/ghost/debug/', auth, admin.debug.index);'/ghost/debug/db/export/', auth, admin.debug['export']);'/ghost/debug/db/import/', auth, admin.debug['import']);'/ghost/debug/db/reset/', auth, admin.debug.reset);'/ghost/upload', admin.uploader);^\/(ghost$|(ghost-admin|admin|wp-admin|dashboard|login)\/?)/, auth, function (req, res) { res.redirect('/ghost/'); });'/ghost/', auth, admin.index);

Frontend routes

/* TODO: dynamic routing, homepage generator, filters ETC ETC */'/:slug', frontend.single);'/', frontend.homepage);'/page/:page/', frontend.homepage);

Start Ghost App ghost.config().env[process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development'].url.port, ghost.config().env[process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development'], function () {

Tell users if their node version is not supported, and exit

if (!semver.satisfies(process.versions.node, packageInfo.engines.node)) { console.log( "\n !!! INVALID NODE VERSION !!!\n".red, "Ghost requires node version".red, packageInfo.engines.node.yellow, "as defined in package.json\n".red ); process.exit(-1); }

Alpha warning, reminds users this is not production-ready software (yet) Remove once software becomes suitably 'ready'

console.log( "\n !!! ALPHA SOFTWARE WARNING !!!\n".red, "Ghost is in the early stages of development.\n".red, "Expect to see bugs and other issues (but please report them.)\n".red );

Startup message

console.log("Express server listening on address:", ghost.config().env[process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development'] + ':' + ghost.config().env[process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development'].url.port);

Let everyone know we have finished loading

loading.resolve(); } ); }, errors.logAndThrowError);